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Amy: You know when sometimes you meet someone so beautiful and then you actually talk to them and five minutes later they're as dull as a brick? Then there's other people, when you meet them you think, "Not bad. They're okay." And then you get to know them and... and their face just sort of becomes them. Like their personality's written all over it. And they just turn into something so beautiful.
Both: Rory's the most beautiful man I've ever met.
Amy: Please. Do it for him.
Future Amy: Ah, you. You're asking me to defy destiny, causality, the nexus of time itself, for a boy.
Amy: You're Amy. He's Rory. And oh yes, I am.


Crux of the episode: An existential crisis that quite literally explores how your memories make you. The idea that the person you are now is not who you were yesterday, or a year ago, and to go back and change time would be a sort of death.

I would have made the same choice that Amy(s) ultimately did. I would rewrite time, give up who I am, for someone I cared about enough.

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I actually might differ in this opinion!

It is, indeed, romantic as all hell! However, there are so many different ways your life could change because of such a decision.. I don't know if I could make it, myself.