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Kitty, art, Homestuck.

I keep forgetting to LiveJournal.

I adopted a kitty on October 18. His name is Helo. He's a little tuxedo cat, probably around four years old. I might post pictures here later. ♥ He was formerly living on the streets of Cleveland. He's been doing well and is much healthier than when he first arrived at my house. All of his flea allergy scabs are now gone, and with antibiotics his various infections have cleared up as well.

I continue to make art freelance for a living. Another new thing in my life is my new computer, an Asus Eee Slate EP121. It's a full fledged Tablet PC that runs Windows 7. I can draw directly on the screen, so it essentially also functions as a Cintiq. I absolutely ADORE painting on it.

Lastly, my bff kuroseishin convinced me to read Homestuck, and around 5000 PAGES LATER I am finally caught up with the most recent update. I am now extremely enamored and entertained by this comic... er, game/animation/novel/thing. X3 NEW FANDOM GET.

Life is strange but looking up~
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Kitty! Named after Helo! ♥

I've been meaning to get around to reading more Homestuck. I hear it's fantastical.

Glad life is not so bad! :D
Yes he is. <3 He's such a sweet critter.

Re: Homestuck you shouldddd bb. It starts off slowly but stick with it, the whole spectacle develops into quite the epic. 8D I have definitely enjoyed myself, and have since caught the Homestuck fanart producing bug, lol.

Hey! Glad to hear an update.
Yay for kitty and new obsession. You rock.