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Livejournal! I kind of miss you. The days of writing in journals did a pretty sight more for my eloquence than the snippy medium of twitter manages. Also I wish I had the ability to use more than one of my first five user icons, dang. If more of my friends still haunted Livejournal I would consider shelling out for a paid account again.

My life settled into something ordinary and non-dramatic. Most days I only really wake up, eat and drink coffee, settle in to stream, make art all day, go back to sleep. Rinse and repeat. I morphed into a dull adult creature somewhere along the way, albeit one with an unusual job. There's not a lot to me beyond the plethora of drawings and paintings I schedule in each week but I think I am mostly happy. Jonneh and I have a very stable, chill relationship and living with him has been healthy for my peace of mind. I finally managed to escape the sense of isolation in New Jersey by getting to know a few more localish folks, that sort of thing.

I wound up here because I was reminiscing with some friends regarding roleplays past, and LJ was, once upon a now rather distant time, a great medium to participate in such adventures.

My fandom fixations at present are the Dresden Files and Person of Interest. I look forward to the continuation of both later this year. Now and then I still try to poke at a comic I myself am working on, and if I managed to eventually save up enough monetary buffer, perhaps I will start to set aside more time for that.

Still need to get to the doctor about a painful plantars wart that has lurked on my left foot since February or so, as well as thyroid things. Whoops. I'll make it happen for reals soon.

Recently my love affair with beer has also intensified, I tend to drink one or two a night. Straight up drinking so many carbohydrates is likely counter productive to my otherwise healthier eating, so I should probably stop that. >_>

Eyup. I should organize some reference files for stream tomorrow and sleep, I suppose.
I'm still on LJ, but you probably knew that. I miss the LJ of my youth, when it was a happening place. But I've recorded so much of my life here, and have no interest in moving to a blog where it's all out in the open. I love that I've been able to share parts of my life, my thoughts and feelings, that I wouldn't necessarily care to post in a public forum.

I morphed into a dull adult creature somewhere along the way, albeit one with an unusual job.
Saaaaaaame. I think if I really got serious about my writing I'd feel better about myself, but there's always something. Dinner has to be made, dishes have to be cleaned, laundry has to be done. I decided to check my email and then this thing and then that and the day is gone. But it's me really. I can make time if I'm determined to.

One or two beers a night sort of seems like a lot to me. I don't want to be judgey, but I'm sensitive to the issue of liver health these days. You know.
Yes, whenever I check things out here I do see that you still post now and then, and I am glad for that. LJ does have a sense of charm and security that no other social media platform since has managed. There are certainly upsides to Twitter, but I can't say that I have ever made a wholly new friendship through that medium, whereas LJ served as such a great mechanism to not only to see what your friends were thinking and doing, but making new fandom friends as well.

My entire life is usually work, chores, budgeting, eating, sleeping, yeahhh. I feel fortunate that my work involves literally drawing and painting everyday, because that's what I love doing, but re: getting serious, there's definitely a difference between illustrating other people's concepts for money each and every day and actually finding time to work on personal projects. I have been chipping away at starting up my own webcomic, but it's such a slow process when there are bills to be paid (so, always). But you are correct in asserting that if you are determined enough, you'll make the time. Working towards that. I hope you manage to find more time for your writing as well!

For awhile there beer was a good way to relax alone, since my significant other and thus also roommate has been gone every two weeks for business trips and I must admit to moments of lonely. I've curbed that though - the last time he was gone I only drank alcohol once, and that was when hanging out with some other artists from up in North Jersey. Mostly I decided to edit this new found source of solace before it became a real habit because I have been laboring to eat a bit healthier, and drinking an extra serving of carbohydrates at night certainly doesn't help.
Woo Dresden Files! I need to get back to reading those, dang. I enjoyed the show though.

I also miss the glory days of LJ RPing. Sucks that it is soooo dead now. Blugh.
Oh noesss haha the show is such a... bad adaption. I'm sure by itself it might have been okay, but being somehow who loves the books, it was too painful to watch. But yes! Def get on it, they are phenomenally entertaining.

Yeahhh me too. I miss LJs glory days in general, really. A far more interpersonal and enjoyable social media platform than anything frequently used today.
the show being the thing that got me into the books, I'd say that it was good enough to get me interested, changes and issues aside. And by itself, sure, it was definitely better than comparing it side by side to the books.

Yuuuuuuup on that last bit. Sigh.