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It's been years since I posted on LJ! Gadzooks!

Recent happenings:

Moved again back in October; still in New Jersey, just a somewhat larger place. Two bedroom, so one room is both my office and a guest room, the other is our actual sleeping room.

After four years surviving as a freelance commission artist, a desire to transition to pursuing different forms of art (namely, a webcomic) had me seeking another means of making survival dollars until I could establish the comic more thoroughly. That, and I figured getting out of the apartment on the regular would help ease my increasing social anxieties. I found employment at a cute little family owned War of the Worlds themed coffee shop. After a few months of working there, they're giving me full-time level hours. I'm a barista, baby!

The web comic in question lives here: I'm still playing catch-up with the commission work load I had committed to prior to shifting focus, though, so it currently updates biweekly. Once I'm caught up, I hope for weekly - and then, if I am ever able to make enough dollar comic-ing to cease barista-ing, my ultimate goal would be a pace of 3x weekly updates.

My art blog has moved since I last penned direction to its presence on the internets here, and it now lives:

We have two cats now! In December, Jonneh and I adopted a second fuzzchild, a little cream-orange tabby named Sigrun. She and Helo get along fabulously, and Sigrun purrs near constantly. A perfect animal.

Lastly, Jonneh and I are engaged. He asked me to marry him on January 2nd, at a They Might Be Giants concert in Brooklyn.

So, that's my life! 26 years old and surviving. Stressed and tired most of the time, but I can do this. I can make it. If anyone else still uses this site, I hope you are well. :)
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Hello there! It's so wonderful whenever old flisters are coming back from the shadows. :)

And I'm glad that things seem to be going well for you in your life. Being stressed and tired is an unfortunate part of life, but at least you're making the best of things and doing well for yourself. Also, congratulations on the engagement! :D
HEY YOU! Good to see you! Congratulations on your kitty (this is the first time I've heard "fuzzchild" and I like it a lot better than "furbaby") and job and webcomic and engagement! Yays all around!