Chinny - Moon


What the title says! It's nice to be in a solid, happy mood again. Time to climb back up on the metaphorical horse of productivity and get life goin' damn good.
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Blood Raven - Egotism

Red Tavern OPEN for new commissions.

I am now open for new commissions, for end of August/beginning of September completion! That's right, only a ONE MONTH turn-around, so you can get an affordable custom suit well in advance of FurFright or MFF!

I'm taking TWO slots right now. If you're interested, send an email to with the following information for a quote:

Quote form behind the cut.Collapse )

Along with the responses to that questionnaire, please also provide either concept art or a detailed description of your character with your email.


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Homestuck - Rose

Partial Daschund Fursuit for Sale!

Click the image to visit his/her auction on Furbuy! Brand new, was made to sell at Anthrocon, only worn for about an hour total. Squeaky nose, super soft fur, big floppy ears and very fluidly moving jaw! Low opening bid, no reserve.

I really adore this critter and thought about keeping him for myself when he didn't sell at the convention, but finally decided I should part with him before I get too attached. ;) I hope someone else can give him a good home!

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BtVS - Spike and Buffy

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I went to Boston for around five days or so to visit my bff Sera. It was good times, and in the process I also got to see/spend time with Steven, Michelle, and Jill, and introduced Sera to the lot of them. I will also never do shots of tequila again. Ever.

Since then I've been back in my new homeland of Pittsburgh, hiding from the fuckhot weather in the air conditioning of my boyfriend's apartment and working on art. Today it seems to have finally cooled off enough that I can brave going back to my own house, though. XD

Speaking of art, I'm open for a few more things that will be done quickly:

Like this sort of thing. I can draw any sort of character - furry, human, or otherwise.

Go buy some! Or pass the word on to someone else who might want to.
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Chinny - Burrrr.

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Food, beer, making stuff for furries. Discovered a path behind the ivy in my backyard that leads to a little secret garden.

Life is pretty good. :)

Now just to rise to the challenge of not merely surviving, but making enough to save up for the things I want - a nice desktop computer, pet rats (will need a cage/food/bedding and enough put aside to vet them when needed), and eventually a car.

I've had this journal since I was a kid in middle school. Then I could have never possibly foreseen where I would wind up as an adult - but I'm happy. I love this city and I look forward to all the adventures yet to come. Time flies by so quickly, I can't believe I've already lived here three weeks. I'm still somewhat shell shocked that I made the dive and did all this, but I'm finally starting to settle in.
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Boobies and Tits

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Ahh, packing an entire apartment of stuff when the space to transport the resultant items is limited feels like such heart-rending chore for an extreme pack-rat like me. I know I must throw away as much as possible but then things either strike me as too potentially useful or have memories attached to them. Even stupid shit like a container of sprinkles (used to make penis cupcakes and later be the sparkle in the eyepiece of the red velvet cylon cake we made for sci-fi club) or a broken umbrella (I thought of a use for it in a future project). Though mostly the items I waffle on are things such as dishes, cleaning supplies and cheap future. These are all things I can re-obtain when I get a new place... but re-obtaining them costs money and I am cheap. Not to mention I have been demoted from the rank of art student to, at the moment, the role of freelance artist. XD Not a gigantic abundance of money to speak of there. But all of my remaining things must fit in one minivan.


So, yeah. Backlog of things to speak of! Finished my thesis and show. I graduated and received my Bachelor of Fine Arts, with a degree plan that does indeed read animation major, creative writing minor, video concentration. I wore fursuit paws and a tail to my graduation ceremony which was absurdly low-key beside, say, the professor sporting a gigantic brightly colored phoenix puppet and the MFA graduate wearing a sparkly green wig and baby faces rimmed with red feathers on each breast. Xav and a lot of family members showed up for this. The next day many of my MICA friends departed so I did as well, hitching a ride back to Pittsburgh with my boything. I lingered there a week, working on things to sell (more on that later) and having a lovely time with the equally lovely folks there. Now I'm back in Baltimore briefly, and have just been packing and hanging out with my last lingering friends here, who also move out this weekend.

From here I'm headed back to Ohio to watch my mum's infinite cats for a couple weeks while she embarks on an epic bike trip, and then hopefully I will move to Pittsburgh shortly thereafter.

That's all, folks.
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Homestuck - Rose


I finished my minor thesis (49 pages of screenplay, 12 pages of analytical). And work for all my classes including a baller motion-graphics video for a friend's kickstarter project. And my animation thesis (a minute and a half of hand-drawn, hand colored animation - 1050 frames). Now I have to set up my physical thesis show, and then, THEN I'll be done with art school forever.

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Cytosine - Gaze.

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HEY EL-JAY. I hadn't forgotten about you. I read my friends list just about every day, but I fail to take a moment to generate posts myself more often than not now. This is unfortunate. I will endeavor to pick it back up. Going to make a quick one now while TVPaint saves. (This takes some minutes. Like, over ten, now. Big file is big.)

Tonight I was going to go out with some of my bffs to drink absinthe (!) and be excellently silly, but alas, I was not feeling very well and had to do the responsible thing for me and stay in. I'm glad I did though, it was a wise decision - I accomplished quite a bit tonight. I got some rest for the first time in forever, did laundry for the first time in forever (I'm wearing underwear for the first time in like five days! ...hey don't judge, finding time to do things like obtain quarters and do laundry is HARD during finals crunch time), sent out some job inquiries, did an icon commission and then colored frames of my thesis like whoa. I'm pleased with how much I managed to crank out in the last ~5 hours. I might finish this bitch yet.

...TVPaint is still saving. Uh. Let's see, what else. Things! If my friends and I all fail to get actual jobs by June, a serious plot is brewing to form our own little studio. This notion excites me.

Save complete. Back to work!
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Doctor Who - Doomsday

RIP Elisabeth Sladen.

I'm just a Newvian who got into the continuum of Doctor Who things recently on account of my roommate, but none the less it is sad to hear of Elisabeth Sladen - better known as Sarah Jane - passing away. She was companion to the 3rd and 4th Doctors and reprised her role alongside 10 and 11 in her own spin-off series. Rest in peace, lady. You seemed very sweet.