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Someone keeps moving my chair

Chinook McMutton Z
6 March 1989
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Hey there. The name's Chinook McMutton Z, Chinny for short; Lord Chinnius for giggles. Anya Rose by birth. I am a furry, Browncoat, Trekkie, percussionist, former policy debater, and programmer among other things, and currently attending the Maryland Institute College of Art to pursue a major degree in Animation, minor in Creative Writing and concentration in Video.

Lots of <3 goes out to all my friends, and all the people I admire. If you're even reading this profile, you probably know who you are. If not, oh well, I love you regardless.

I am an eternal optimist with dreams often bigger than my means, but that never stops me from trying and enjoying myself. I adore writing, drawing, roleplaying, running around in giant animal costumes, Dollhouse, silly hats, Star Trek waffles, chocolate, meeting people, clutter, the smell of new Magic cards, learning things and generally making an ass out of myself.
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Linnell Rocks Too Hard For You

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Flansy Rocks Too Hard For You

1138, 1776, 23, 42, 718-387-6962, ad&d, adobe photoshop, affairs with inanimate objects, amber, anakin skywalker, animals, animation, anthromorphic creatures, anthromorphics, arcanine, art, back to the future, balto, battlestar galactica, being a master debater, big damn heroes, biology, blizzard entertainment games, brent spiner, cake, canines in general, chemistry, comics, computer graphics, crookshanks, cross country, dan hickey, danny weinkauf, darth vader, data, deanna troi, delerium, detachable penises, diablo ii, dirk gently, dollhouse, douglas adams, dragonflys series, drawing, drumline, duct tape, earl grey tea, eiffel65, emoticon demons, entropy, eternal sunshine, exploding things, fanfiction, fiction, firefly, fluffy, furries, furry art, fursuiting, fursuits, garbage, general grievous, german, giant plushies, greyhounds, harry potter, historical playing cards, historical slash, hitchhiker's guide, imzadi, inking pens, james k. polk, james raynor, jedi knights, john adams, john adams/thomas jefferson, john flansburgh, john linnell, john slash, kerrigan, kickass fellow artists, lord of the rings, love, luke skywalker, magic the gathering, mal/inara, marching band, marty beller, mcmutton clan z, medieval jewlery, moby, monty python, mountains of kleenex, my brothers, my friends, obi-wan kenobi, obi-wan/siri, padme amidala, paul oakenfold, percussion, peter david, physics, pi, pokemon, policy debate, procrastination, propellerheads, q, quads, raccoons, rancors, remus lupin, roleplay, roleplaying, rpg, science fiction, scotland, simon/kaylee, siri tachi, small furry animals, smelling things, snare, sobe, spiders, stalking, star trek, star wars, starcraft, techno, temporal dogs, the beatles, the lion king, the skywalker family, themed fruit snacks, they might be giants, tlk, tmbg, trance, unhappy endings, vandalizing myself, wash/zoe, water bottles, werewolves, william t. riker, winter wolves, wolves, writing, writing utensils, yoda